Why You Need a Support System in Recovery

Generally speaking, women who have successfully completed an addiction treatment program have done so with a strong recovery support system behind them. According to research sponsored by the Kaiser Family Foundation, women without a strong support system at home are at an increased risk of relapse after recovery. For this reason, family therapy is an integral part of any addiction treatment program.

At Hammocks on the Edisto, near Charleston, South Carolina, our recovery support services are designed to help the women we serve rebuild broken relationships and regain the trust of friends and family. We will include your support network in every step of your recovery with the aim of allowing them to better understand addiction and how they can help. If you or a loved one is battling addiction and would like to learn more about the importance of a strong support system to recovery, call 833.793.0191 today to speak with our friendly, knowledgeable staff.

The Importance of Family Therapy in Recovery

Individuals who have family and friends they can turn to for help are more likely to maintain their sobriety with fewer chances of relapse. Substance use disorders have a high relapse rate, with 40 – 60% of those who complete a recovery program relapsing within the first year. Some of the common reasons for relapse include:

  • Isolation
  • Shame
  • A lack of confidence or self-esteem
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Anxiety

Despite numerous breakthroughs in our clinical understanding of addiction, there remain many misconceptions about the disease. For example, the persistent belief that addiction is simply a matter of willpower or a moral failing rather than the treatable medical condition that it is continues to be a common barrier to individuals who would otherwise seek treatment.

Women in particular often see addiction as a weakness and are afraid to admit it. Or they believe that they should be able to handle it on their own. The reality is that with the help of a professional addiction treatment program like the one at Hammocks on the Edisto—and with a strong support system—addiction is a disease that can be successfully treated and overcome.

The Benefits of Including Family Therapy in Addiction Treatment Recovery Support

Family therapy has long been considered one of many effective approaches to treating addiction. Indeed, a vast quantity of evidence indicates that family therapy is a crucial element in maintaining lifelong sobriety.

The benefits of including family therapy in addiction treatment recovery support include:

  • Addiction education – The first step in family therapy is explaining how addiction works. This includes teaching friends and family how it can change thought processes that create unstoppable habits that push loved ones to consume, even to the point of self-harm and threatening loved ones.
  • Rebuilding relationships – Addiction is an isolating disease; one of its most profound non-clinical symptoms is the fact that it causes friction between family and friends, often to the point of fracturing relationships altogether. Family therapy plays a critical role in helping all parties understand, forgive, and move forward. Once everyone understands how addiction works, healing relationships can begin.
  • Regaining trust – It can be difficult to rebuild trust after it has been broken many times. Promises to stop, find help, and make amends are often made before it actually happens.
  • Create a sober home environment – A critical step in addiction recovery is having a stable environment after you have completed residential treatment where you can continue your sober journey. During family therapy, you will work with your loved ones to create a sober home environment where you can thrive and work on rebuilding your health.
  • Expanding your recovery support system – The more people who support your sober journey, the easier it will be for you to maintain your sobriety for life.

Build Your Recovery Support System at Hammocks on the Edisto

Hammocks on the Edisto is a women’s-only addiction treatment center near Charleston, South Carolina, that understands the importance of a robust support system in recovery and family therapy. Our team will help you and your loved ones work through relationship and trust issues while educating everyone about addiction. Together, you will build a resilient recovery support system that will be with you throughout your sober journey.
When you are ready to make a lasting change in your life, call 833.793.0191 to learn more about building a solid support system through family therapy with the team at Hammocks on the Edisto.

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