Stories Of Hope

Learn more about our South Carolina drug and alcohol rehab for women.

“I came to Hammocks from New Waters and when I got here I was showered live and caring women immediately. I struggled for a few days but soon enough all the ladies took me under their wings and helped me to fly into my true self.”

B. G. 

“I was able to rediscover myself and my inner light. It was diminished for too many years and Hammocks has helped me health from the inside out. I am prepared for my future and content with my recovery and life.”

H. G. 

“My stay here at Hammocks has been life changing. I will never forget all of the staff and women here who have made my journey successful. Without all of you I would still be broken. Love to all.”


“Hammocks has been the best gift I could have ever given myself. My stay here allowed me to break through barriers I had set for myself and learn what self love looks like. I’m leaving with a clearer mind filled with love and hope. Thanks y’all!”

Samantha G.

“Upon arriving at the Hammocks on Edisto I was in awe of the facility and its grounds! I was warmly welcomed at the front door. All of the staff members are very personable and helpful. The therapists are very knowledgeable and available.

There are classes with information about addiction to various substances and how to live a healthy life without an addiction to substances. Hammocks on the Edisto is a peacerful place to rediscover yourself and a serene environment to reflect.”

JoAnne W.

“Having attended and completed several inpatient drug/alcohol rehabs, I was curious to see what this program could offer. My experience here exceeded my past experiences as well as my expectations. All staff go above and beyond to ensure the comfort of patients. The community itself is safe, loving, and hospitable. I felt heard from my first day. The clinicians promote healing in many facets and are accessible and knowledgeable.”

L. D.

“My time at the Hammocks was an absolute blessing and saved my life. This magical place on the water is beautiful, safe, and peaceful. I have made lifelong connections and relationships with all of the strong women I have met here. From the counselors and therapists, to the chef and housekeeping, Hammocks allowed me to really get vulnerable while making me feel right at home. I will always remember the amazing and calming energy, from the moment I walked through the door and will always utilize the life changing tools that were given to me during my stay. Hammocks has changed my outlook on life and has me excited to see what the future holds for my recovery!”

O. F.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect upon arrival. The staff far exceeded expectations. This is an experience I will always remember, one that I will look back on fondly. I never in a million years would have thought this was going to be a positive memorable experience. I am not just leaving here sober, I am leaving here with lifelong friendships.” 


“My experience at Hammocks was truly transformational. There is something magical about the process and I will be forever grateful.”

Stacey A. 

“I had the most amazing 30 days in my life, I do recommend the Hammocks for women that want to get rid of their addictions. I used to say the Hammocks is my happiest place on earth.”

Isa M.

“I came here with hopes of staying sober. I was quickly assessed by a team of professionals. My journey at Hammocks allowed me to confront my fears, resentment, and setbacks in a safe and comfortable environment. I was given a foundation and set of tools to help my sobriety day by day.”

Victoria W.

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