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Addiction Treatment Just For Women

According to research from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, experts estimate that over 8 million Americans are struggling with an addiction to an illicit drug. Drug addiction is a complex disease, and quitting often involves more than good intentions or willpower. Fortunately, there are evidence-based treatments that can provide support and tools to assist individuals break the cycle of addiction. For women who are struggling with an addiction to drugs, let us help. Contact Hammocks on the Edisto today at 833.793.0191 to learn more about our drug rehab in South Carolina.

What is Inpatient Rehab?

An inpatient drug rehab is a residential treatment program where patients are required to admit themselves into an inpatient treatment program. Here, patients can receive constant support and care in a controlled environment that will help them focus entirely on their recovery.

Inpatient drug rehab programs for women are specially designed to help women struggling with severe cases of addiction. An inpatient treatment program offers more intensive, 24/7 support in a dedicated environment to help in their addiction recovery journey on a full-time basis.

Receiving constant 24-hour care and support is essential, especially for those suffering from a serious substance use disorder. In an inpatient drug rehab, patients can safely and effectively treat their addiction without having to be exposed to social or environmental triggers back at home that can jeopardize their recovery journey.

understanding addiction

What Exactly is
Drug Addiction?

The term drug addiction refers to physical and psychological dependence on substances like opioids, cocaine, or methamphetamine. Addiction is a chronic medical disorder that affects the brain and changes behavior. The consequences of drug use can have wide-reaching effects on individuals, their families, and even their communities. Despite the negative consequences of drug use, it may be difficult to stop without assistance.

The body develops a tolerance for the drug, and over time, it needs more and more to obtain the same effect. When the drug is no longer available, the body begins to experience withdrawal symptoms such as:

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety or nervousness
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Muscle aches and cramps

At Hammocks on the Edisto, our dual diagnosis treatment center in South Carolina can help break the cycle of addiction and provide the tools a woman may need to regain control of her life.

Insurance Can Help Cover up to 100% of the cost of treatment

We Accept Most Major Insurance

Hammocks Recovery is an in-network provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna and Aetna. Contact us today to find out if your insurance will help cover many of the costs associated with treatment at our program.

Why You Need Our Treatment Center

What are the Benefits of an
Inpatient Drug Rehab for Women?

A inpatient treatment center for women is a great treatment option for those suffering from severe cases of addiction. An inpatient treatment program can provide the patient with the environment, support, and structure to achieve long-term sobriety.

Below are some of the top benefits of attending residential treatment:


Inpatient drug rehab programs use a structured schedule to ensure a patient is busy and constantly working towards their recovery. Structure is essential to prevent a patient from relapsing. This is because not only does constant, consistent treatment help you learn and grow to prevent you from relapsing, but this also limits your free time. And, by limiting your free time, the goal is to distract your mind from constantly thinking about using and falling back into old habits.

Complete Focus

An inpatient drug rehab provides the ability for patients to give their full undivided attention and energy towards their addiction recovery journey. Even though an inpatient treatment program is intensive, to achieve long-lasting recovery, a patient must be fully invested in making positive habits and changes toward recovery and living a long-term life of sobriety. Otherwise, dealing with other stressors outside of your recovery journey like personal or professional stressors while you are getting treatment can derail your progress.

24/7 Support

Quitting your addiction all on your own is difficult. That’s why having 24/7 support and care available to effectively treat your addiction every step of the way in an inpatient drug rehab center is crucial.

Professional Care

Overcoming addiction can involve various “hurdles” from detoxing and going through withdrawal symptoms to learning about your various triggers to prevent you from relapsing. 

Therefore, receiving professional, expert care from a team of compassionate addiction specialists at a South Carolina residential drug rehab center is important so you can successfully quit your addiction.

Not only will an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab center in Charleston provide a safe and stable environment for you to detox, but you’ll also learn valuable skills on how to maintain your sobriety and not fall back into old habits.

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Women’s Inpatient Drug Rehab Center

A trauma-informed care approach in the treatment of substance abuse considers the prevalence of trauma’s impact on a woman’s life, wellbeing, and path to recovery. Trauma can be an event or series of events that is deeply disturbing or distressing to the individual. It is important to note that what is considered traumatic varies from person to person. Some examples of traumatic events include:

  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual assault
  • Death of a family member
  • Physical injury
  • Severe illness

The effects of trauma can be significant and debilitating, and those who have experienced trauma can be at increased risk of alcohol or drug addiction.

Trauma-informed treatment for women creates a safe space for residents, and promotes an environment of healing, while encouraging self-care as a healthy coping mechanism.

What is Trauma-Informed Care?

Trauma-Informed Care consists of three main components:

  1. Creating an environment that reflects physical safety, trust, consistency, transparency, predictability, and choice.
  2. Restores autonomy by focusing on personal strengths, choices and empowering women with knowledge and skills building
  3. Increasing self-worth by demonstrating respect, compassion, acceptance, and nonjudgment.

With our trauma-informed treatment program, Hammocks on the Edisto gives women the tools to manage their past and move into the future with confidence.

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Women's Stories of Hope

I stayed at the Hammocks in the spring of 2022. I can’t say enough wonderful things about my time there. I came into the Hammocks in a very low place but left feeling empowered, motivated and ready to start my life in sobriety. The staff and administration are fantastic, and the house and grounds are gorgeous. I felt more like a welcomed guest rather than a patient.

Lauren B.

The most incredible treatment facility ever! They offer a holistic approach centered in therapy, science, and female empowerment. Eric, Sarah, Jonas, Katie, and all of the other staff offer a level of compassion that I’ve never seen before in any treatment facility. And that says a lot coming from a child of two addicts who have been in and out of facilities my entire life. They are always available and respond quickly to any questions or discussions you may bring up. The family groups were amazing and I miss them every week. They truly care and believe that recovery is possible for all!

Rhapsody C.

I stayed at the Hammocks in the spring of 2022. I can’t say enough wonderful things about my time there. I came into the Hammocks in a very low place but left feeling empowered, motivated and ready to start my life in sobriety. The staff and administration are fantastic, and the house and grounds are gorgeous. I felt more like a welcomed guest rather than a patient.

Lauren B.

My wife spent a month at the Hammocks and I have nothing but incredible things to say about the facility. The help and therapy she received has truly been life changing for our family. From the day I called to discuss admission, Jonas, the director, made himself immediately available to any questions or concerns I had. Throughout her stay, I participated in multiple family sessions a week with Sarah or Eric who were both excellent. They were kind and accepting, but also thought-provoking and challenging. Not to mention, the whole facility is absolutely beautiful. I would highly recommend the Hammocks to any family in need of a recovery center.

Erica U.

This facility has absolutely saved my life. It is secluded, peaceful, beautiful, and a lovely gone environment that makes external and internal healing much easier to tackle. Being away from family and doing the intense work needed for recovery is hard enough in any environment but the Hammocks makes you feel like you are nothing shy of family. You are treated with respect and kindness, and your needs are listened to and accommodated and the staff is so loving and supportive.

Krista B.

As a therapist at Hammocks on the Edisto, I am so proud to be a part of this great team of caring professionals. Being directly involved in the process of change for our clients is a honor. The facility is beautiful and inviting and provides a healthy environment for our residents to thrive. The programming is like nothing I’ve been part of before. From our comprehensive and diverse group sessions, the wellness and yoga component, our individual therapy, medical and nursing care, nutrition and on site chef, and a great team of recovery associates, we collectively provide a great recovery experience.

Eric H.

Hammocks on the Edisto is a dream come true in so many ways. This is a unique place where women can progress on their journey to recovery surrounded by the beauty of the South Carolina Lowcountry and supported by a team of compassionate expert providers. Offerings beyond talk therapy include yoga, cooking demonstrations, adventures to local parks and beaches, and wellness coaching. The facility is never over crowded and each woman gets lots of personalized care. The healing potential is felt as soon as you drive down the long private driveway to the house. Highly recommend.

Kate A.

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Each woman in our women’s inpatient rehab program receives a beautiful private or semi-private room where she can spend her time when she is not in therapy or spending time with our other residents. We can support women’s recovery, even if they feel like they’ve come to a dead-end in life. Please contact Hammocks on the Edisto today at 833.793.0191 to learn more about our treatment center and options available at our women’s inpatient drug rehab center.

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