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Starting the Treatment Process Begins with a Call

When a woman calls Hammocks, she will speak with one of our admissions specialists. The specialist is her guide and source for any information she may need about how the admissions process works. Admissions specialists work closely with each woman and her loved ones to determine the level of care she needs and whether Hammocks can meet those needs.

The process begins with a conversation with the patient so that we can understand her needs and help guide her with the next steps.

For answers to many frequently asked questions, click here. To verify your insurance, click here.

Although we cannot guarantee any amount of insurance coverage, we will always work hard to maximize the reimbursement you deserve.  Before admission, we ask that you sign a financial agreement for all program costs and encourage you to ask questions if any exist. The financial agreement summarizes our commitment to you and/or your loved one, clarifies your financial responsibility, and provides transparency from the outset

In summary, at Hammocks on the Edisto, we will:

  • Strive to make treatment accessible for everyone, including those with financial barriers or insurance coverage issues
  • Practice transparency in all financial affairs
  • Verify all benefits prior to admission
  • Pre-authorize all admissions when possible prior to admission or as directed by the insurance provider
  • Diligently submit insurance claims during your treatment and after
  • Consistently follow up on all outstanding claims and communicate in a timely manner
  • Provide any necessary documentation for your reimbursement, when applicable.

Hammocks on the Edisto does not participate in, nor are we able, to file claims for patients covered under Medicare, Medicaid, and/or Tricare programs.

Verify Your Insurance