What Is Cocaine Addiction Use Disorder Treatment Like?

What Is Cocaine Addiction Use Disorder Treatment Like?

Cocaine’s psychological effects make it one of the most dangerous substances to be addicted to. It’s second only to amphetamine regarding the difficulty women have in overcoming a dependency on the substance. Enrolling in women’s cocaine addiction treatment can help women overcome their need for cocaine. Our Charleston substance abuse treatment center is able to help women overcome their past. Please contact Hammocks on the Edisto today at 833.793.0191 for more information about our women’s addiction treatment options.

Why Someone May Need Women’s Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Women who abuse cocaine often abuse other substances. They may take cocaine in various ways, including snorting and injecting it directly into the veins. One popular form of cocaine use is to smoke a crystal rock version called crack. The name “crack” comes from the substance’s sound while heating to a crystal form.

All the above factors complicate attempts at getting clean from cocaine addiction. Because it produces a more immediate high, women can become addicted to crack cocaine after using it only once. Some of the lingering effects of long-term cocaine use often include:

  • Losing their sense of smell
  • Developing high blood pressure
  • Heightened body temperature
  • Constant nosebleeds
  • Dilated pupils
  • Heart problems
  • Twitching

Continuing to use cocaine can also result in long-term health problems.

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

One sign of cocaine dependency is when someone goes through withdrawal when they try to stop taking the drug. They may find themself having symptoms like:

  • Constant cravings for cocaine
  • Nausea
  • Muscle aches
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Frequent agitation
  • Anxiety
  • Thinking about self-harm

Attempting to quit using cocaine without support can lead to a potential medical emergency. Hammocks on the Edisto has experience helping women overcome cocaine addiction through inpatient rehab and other addiction treatment options.

Full Continuum of Care Through Women’s Cocaine Addiction Treatment

It’s sometimes hard to determine the exact factors contributing to an individual’s substance use disorder. Some women turn to cocaine to deal with trauma from their past. Others use it as an escape from daily stress. The staff at Hammocks on the Edisto helps women work through issues they may avoid dealing with that might contribute to their cocaine addiction.

Our therapists allow women to address issues stemming from family life, childhood trauma, and social pressures. Many of those who come to us for help have trouble grasping how they can change their lifestyle and live free of cocaine abuse.

Attending our women’s rehab near Charleston gives each woman a chance to build a better life. They can understand their core issues and provide them with an optimal treatment plan.

While we stress the reality of there being no guarantees for addiction treatment, Hammocks on the Edisto offers hope and encouragement to women who are willing to put in the work to remain clean and sober.

Contact Hammocks on the Edisto

Women’s rehab offers various wellness and experience services and programs meant to help women struggling with cocaine abuse. Hammocks on the Edisto prides itself on focusing on female patients. Women’s issues often got overlooked in treatment because researchers built rehab programs around the needs of men.

All of this changes when the woman admits herself to our cocaine addiction treatment center. Below are some of the services offered to help women deal with substance abuse issues:

  • 30-day inpatient treatment
  • Therapy programs
  • Alcohol rehab

It is never too late for a woman to turn things around and get her life back on track. Seek support from Hammocks on the Edisto’s inpatient rehab near Charleston, South Carolina today. Learn more about the treatment options by calling 833.793.0191 or using our convenient online form.

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