Tips for Staying Present and Sober During the Holidays

Tips for Staying Present and Sober During the Holidays

It is no secret that alcohol sales increase during the holidays. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve of 2019, they increased by an astonishing 159%. Average alcohol sales rose by nearly 3 billion dollars over Christmas and New Year’s that year, and this year it is likely to increase even more. With so much drinking going on at get-togethers and holiday parties, maintaining sobriety over the holidays can be difficult without the help of a substance abuse treatment program.

At Hammocks on the Edisto, we understand the importance of seeking professional help for addiction, especially over the holidays. We are a women’s-only addiction and mental health treatment facility located near Charleston, South Carolina, and are ready to help you with your addiction recovery. Our 4:1 client-to-therapist ratio allows us to focus on your addiction and the underlying issues that are driving it. For help with your alcohol addiction treatment, call 833.793.0191 today to learn more about our women’s addiction treatment center and tips for staying sober over the holidays.

Alcohol Addiction During the Holidays

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the winter holidays often result in individuals drinking more than they do at other times of the year. In many cases, this is due to the stressors and triggers that traditionally accompany the holidays. Some common reasons people feel depressed or stressed during this time of year include:

  • Financial worries
  • Strained family relationships
  • The recent loss of a loved one
  • Loneliness

At Hammocks on the Edisto, we pride ourselves on our personalized, gender-specific approach to addiction treatment. If you or someone close to you is struggling this holiday season, call 833.793.0191 today.

Tips for Staying Sober During the Holidays

The holidays can be challenging for those working on their recovery, even if it has been years since they completed an alcohol addiction treatment program. Triggers and cravings never go away and can come back at any time. To help maintain your sobriety during the holidays, follow these helpful tips for staying sober.

  • Plan ahead. If you know there will be alcohol at a holiday party, mentally prepare yourself before going. Call your sponsor. Attend a meeting for a refresher on your coping skills.
  • BYO non-alcoholic beverage. Sometimes just the simple act of holding a glass in your hand is enough to curb some of your cravings. If you bring your own beverage and always have something to drink, you reduce the chance of someone offering you a drink.
  • Treat yourself. Taking care of yourself is a part of your addiction recovery. Have a spa day and pamper yourself for all the hard work you have done during the year. The healthier and happier you feel, the easier it will be to maintain your sobriety.
  • Have an escape plan. Drive yourself to a party so you can have a way out if your cravings are too much to handle. If you did ride with someone, get a ride home with a ridesharing company like Uber or Lyft or call a taxi for a ride home.
  • Bring a sober friend. It can be very difficult going to a party where everyone is drinking except you. Bring a friend from your sober community to hang out with you at the party. You can be each other’s support during the party if your cravings become too much.

Let Hammocks on the Edisto Help You Have a Sober Holiday

Hammocks on the Edisto’s women’s addiction treatment center near Charleston, South Carolina, can help you with your addiction recovery. We will evaluate your current condition and formulate an individualized treatment plan to treat your addiction and any mental health issues accompanying it. Among the many therapeutic treatment modalities our expert team offers are:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive processing therapy for trauma (CPT)
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family counseling

If you or someone in your life is struggling to stay sober over the holidays and needs tips for staying present and sober, call 833.793.0191 today to speak with our caring staff.


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