How Addiction Can Impact Your Marriage

Addiction can significantly hurt your relationship with your spouse. From causing trust issues within the relationship to increasing your risk of fighting and arguing and even putting your marriage at risk, addiction can impact your marriage in more ways than one. If you or your spouse are battling addiction, you don’t have to struggle with your addiction alone and put your marriage at risk.

At Hammocks on the Edisto, we are a women’s treatment center in South Carolina committed to helping women overcome addiction and take back their lives. We offer a range of addiction treatment programs so you can receive tailored care to best overcome your addiction and live a long-term life of sobriety. Contact us today to learn how we can help you regain control of your life. 

Takes Time Away From Relationship

Addiction takes quality time away from your marriage. Rather than spending time growing together, addiction can take significant time away from your spouse to abuse drugs or alcohol. Not to mention, even time spent with a partner who is abusing drugs or alcohol often can fuel arguments and tension in the marriage, especially for the spouse who does not like their spouse abusing drugs and alcohol. 

Increases Risk Of Fighting and Arguing

Addiction can also fuel fighting, arguments, and even domestic violence within a relationship. This is because addiction can increase tension and stress within a marriage. And when a spouse has been drinking or using drugs, this can cause them to lose control and potentially lash out at their partner, which can not only cause strain within a marriage but lead to divorce. Research suggests that substance use and conflict/arguing are some of the primary contributors that lead to divorce. 

It Hurts Relationships with Friends, Family Members, and Children

Addiction can impact your marriage and fracture all types of relationships within an addict’s life. From relationships with friends, coworkers, other family members, and their children, addiction doesn’t just negatively impact the addict but fractures relationships with loved ones too. This can result in the addict’s partner feeling potentially resentful of their spouse’s addiction in how it negatively impacts their relationships with loved ones.

Strains Trust In the Relationship

Addiction can increase trust issues within a relationship, especially in a marriage. This is because oftentimes, addiction can lead an addict to partake in riskier behaviors, from driving under the influence to cheating and more which can lead to trust issues within a relationship. 

Increases Risk of Financial Issues

Constantly abusing drugs or alcohol to fuel an addiction not only takes time out of a marriage but money. Inevitably, this can lead to financial issues down the line and money problems within a marriage. An addict may hide or try to deny to their partner how much money they are truly spending to fuel their addiction. 

Hurts Emotional And Physical Intimacy

Addiction can impact your marriage by hurting your emotional and physical intimacy. As an addict spends time abusing drugs or alcohol rather than nurturing their relationship with their spouse, this can inevitably lead to strain on all aspects of a marriage. 

Increases Risk Of Divorce

Last but not least, addiction has the potential to jeopardize a marriage. From increasing conflict/arguments within a relationship to trust issues, money problems, and more within a marriage, addiction can increase the risk of a couple getting divorced. However, if you or your partner is struggling with addiction, help is available to help your partner overcome addiction and help maintain a happier, healthier marriage. 

Start Your Recovery Journey Today

Don’t let addiction destroy your marriage. If you or your spouse is struggling with addiction, it’s essential you seek professional treatment to overcome addiction and live a long-term life of sobriety. Addiction can impact your marriage in more ways than one. From money problems to increasing trust issues and arguments within your marriage, addiction can negatively impact all areas of a marriage.

At Hammocks on the Edisto, we are committed to helping women struggling with addiction receive tailored treatment to overcome addiction effectively. We provide comprehensive treatment options and a supportive environment to overcome addiction and lead a happier, healthier quality of life. Are you or your spouse struggling with addiction? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you along your recovery journey.

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