5 Benefits of Individual Therapy

5 Benefits of Individual Therapy

Therapy typically forms the foundation of women’s recovery. When you participate in individual therapy sessions, you get a chance to talk about issues you may have buried. These are the things that bubble up in other ways, like substance use disorders. The women’s therapy at Hammocks on the Edisto shows you how to cope with different situations. Those lessons can be crucial to helping you remain strong in recovery. To learn about the benefits of women’s individual therapy, please contact Hammocks on the Edisto today at 833.793.0191.

What Is Women’s Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy typically involves you setting down for multiple sessions with a therapist. The term “therapist” can encompass anyone qualified to help you with your specific issues. The state of South Carolina fully licenses the therapists who work with Hammocks on the Edisto. We work to gain our patients’ trust, so they feel comfortable turning to us for guidance. You can work as a team with the therapist to outline the goals you wish to accomplish during your individual therapy sessions.

How Can I Benefit From Woman’s Individual Therapy?

Below are five ways you can benefit from individual therapy:

  1. In therapy, you have a safe place to explore your thoughts, feelings, worries, and doubts.
  2. You can understand the unique challenges you’re facing and develop individualized coping strategies that allow you to manage difficulties in the future.
  3. Therapy allows you to improve your ability to communicate your thoughts and feelings, allowing you to feel empowered to make necessary changes.
  4. You can begin to make healthier choices for your life.
  5. You can develop the ability to make insight into your choices and the future.

By attending regular individual therapy sessions and making themselves fully present, women can absorb information that may help them change their lives for the better outside of substance abuse treatment. It also allows you to reinforce your efforts at remaining sober.

Learning to overcome the physical side effects of substance abuse is only part of recovery from addiction. It would be best if you still worked through the psychological aspect that continues to linger. Individual counseling may help you address your mental and emotional health. You’re untangling the complicated mass of doubts, memories, trauma, and insecurities that often keep us from moving forward. However, it’s best to use this treatment in conjunction with group therapy sessions so you can learn from the people around you.

What Types of Individual Therapy Are Available at Hammocks on the Edisto?

Behavioral therapy is a popular form of counseling, especially for individuals dealing with substance use disorders. Your therapist may employ any of the following types of behavioral therapy during your sessions:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy: Cognitive-behavioral therapy shows patients how to modify the way they respond when something negative happens. Changing your thinking allows you to turn what could be a chaotic situation into something positive.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy: Dialectical-behavior therapy shows patients how to manage stress and control their reactions. That helps you deal with events that may be out of your control without becoming self-destructive.
  • Motivational interviewing: Motivational interviewing provides patients with a boost that helps them continue on in treatment.

Individual therapy sessions typically last around 45 to 60 minutes. The number of sessions you have each week depends on how well you respond to your stay in Hammocks on the Edisto’s women’s rehab center.

Learn More about Hammocks on the Edisto

It’s time you devoted time and effort to taking care of yourself. Hammocks on the Edisto offers women the chance to get help for substance use disorders and other issues that keep holding them back. The treatments and therapy offered at our Charleston women’s rehab facility include:

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